Tuesday, November 6


Do you remember my post, way back in July, about the Night Blooming Cereus? Well, my father just sent me this, photographic evidence of the night I described.Yes, that's me.

I must have been about 11, and I am indeed wearing my nightshirt. If I remember right, that was part of my super cool new wardrobe, which meant that my clothing had patterns of cute objects all over them. My new look was supposed to have the magic powers of attracting friends and making me more "in," but I didn't realize that probably wasn't that cool to make your own clothes, which is what my mother and I did in the case of that nightshirt.

Interestingly, my attitude about making one's own clothing hasn't changed since I was 11 (even if it's not cool, I like wearing what I can make). Too bad I'm not a better seamstress!


Mary Jane said...

it is waaaay cool to make your own clothes, says one who always did in high school. Do you know Sally Mann's Night Blooming Cereus? You must, photographer's daughter that you are. I think it is my favorite image of Sally's. Do they smell nice?

Eliza said...

I don't know that photo, unfortunately. I'll have to find it online.

The flowers have a wonderful sweet smell, very sensuous. Kind of what you'd imagine for a flower that's also called "Queen of the Night."

Kristina said...

Aw you are so cute and I love the flower, so beautiful