Monday, December 17

Christmas presents

Look what I bought myself for Christmas.Does this mean I'm hard core?

I have to confess that I bought this with about 10 minutes of spinning experience, and that was in high school when I spent a month going to school on the Navajo reservation. They offered traditional Navajo crafts classes for the kids after the academic day was over, but I was the only one who was interested. I ended up taking a silversmithing class, but I hung out briefly with the weaving teacher who showed me a little about spinning.

Anyway, Okayknits was selling her wheel and I knew I wanted to try spinning and I figure I can always sell the wheel if spinning isn't for me. I let myself play with it a little tonight and feel like my first attempts at spinning yarn (with no lessons) were not so bad.

In other news, I have indeed knit a decoration for the tree. My yarn remnants are a little odd together... I'm not so sure about the brown tweed with the green tweed and the hot pink alpaca. It's certainly unique.

What about a big star made with the lumpy handspun I'm currently creating?


Alyssa said...

When I was at Rhinebeck I wanted to buy a wheel but seeing as I have never done any spinning (wheel or otherwise) I thought i should wait. One day I will take it up when we get a bigger place and I get my craft room!

Kristina said...

The wheel is so pretty....oh my...I must resist its powers.