Wednesday, December 19


I have two things to celebrate today.

One, after many weeks on Craigslist and thwarting more than one scam, I finally sold the Ugliest Tile in the World. Not only that, but I made a very small profit on it. What a relief. Now we can move on and get better tile and finish our kitchen.

Two, Christopher's stocking is done. I really dragged my feet on the foot which was so wide and really rather boring to knit. But now it's finished. I'm not sure how I'll fill this enormous stocking. Maybe all of Christopher's gifts will have to go inside. Or maybe I can pad the inside. Just look at how it compares to my own stocking (knit many years ago by my mother).


Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! AND - - What a fabulous contrast! If you have additions to the family, what equally different stocking will be knitted for each of them? This is exciting to ponder.

Kristina said...

HA, I love that stocking (the hugeness only adds to its glory)! Glad you got rid of those awful tiles : )

Ami said...

Christopher is going to make out like a bandit at Christmas. The stocking is gorgeous though.

Friender said...

Oh, that's so great to hear you sold the tile. Is that the ebay tile that wasn't the right color? Damn ebay tile. Nice stocking, too! It looks like it needs an orange in the toe (that's what Santa always put in ours).

Eliza said...

Yes, it was the ebay/Paypal tile we were stuck with. And now it's gone! (I can't help feeling sorry for the guy who bought it, who seemed actually very happy to have it.)

And I think Christopher's stocking will be filled with all sorts of things, some pillaged from the kitchen! :)