Sunday, December 9


When I was growing up my mother always took cuttings when she visited my grandfather, who lived on an overgrown tree nursery. She decorated our kitchen table with holly, pussy willow or branches covered in berries. So when I saw bunches of eucalyptus for sale yesterday at the Greenmarket, I leaped to buy some. I've never bought it before, but we lugged the sticky bouquet home and I set to work finding something to put it in. The only thing we have that is large enough is a galvanized vase we bought for our wedding that now holds our umbrellas. I had to do a lot of trimming to get it to fit, but now our apartment smells wonderful and we're living with a little more nature. Aren't the leaves just beautiful? If I get ambitious maybe I could make us a eucalyptus wreath.

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Mary Jane said...

Beautiful. Something like that can keep me happy for weeks!