Monday, December 3

new stitches

You may have noticed that I haven't written about knitting recently. That is mostly because I am knitting gifts at the moment and therefore haven't wanted to display gifts before they have been given.

Now that my father's birthday has passed, and he has received his present, I am happy to share it.

My father has been hinting at wanting a hat from me for several years. He is a tough customer, and rather than choose something and knit it, I decided it would be safer to have his approval before casting on. We chose Megan Mills' Circular Bicolour Prime Rib (Brioche) Hat, a simple looking hat with vertical stripes. I had never tried brioche stitch before, though I'd seen patterns for sweaters knit with it. It wasn't too hard to pick up, and it was really fun to try something that was so completely different, creating an unusual fabric at the same time. I'm not sure I can explain how it works, but the fabric ends up being ribbed and reversible, it gives the appearance of there being a knit stitch on the recessed stitch instead of a purl, which more common ribbing has. When you do this with two colors you can play the interchange of color on the reverse site. (this might be a great stitch for a scarf...) It is also very stretchy. Anyway, details:
Pattern: Megan Mills' Circular Bicolour Prime Rib (Brioche) Hat
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, oatmeal & brown heather, one skein of each
Started and completed: November 2007


Anonymous said...

Lucky dad you have.

Kristina said...

I really like the texture

Friender said...

That's impressive. I thought that Elizabeth Zimmerman had a hat in Prime Rib in the round (contrary to what the designer says in her intro to the pattern). Anyway, I love that hat! It's a nice twist on a classic look. Hooray for knitted gifts!

Mary Jane said...

Wow! I've been thinking about Brioche Stitch. Nancy Marchant, the american who lived or lives in The Neatherlands has a website devoted to this stitch. It is a wonderful mystery isn't it. Thanks for the link to the pattern, I have my own tough customers to please here at home!