Sunday, February 3

good news

I've found my #7 needles, which means I can continue my Forecast sweater. Strangely, they were sitting right next to the TV. Maybe they ended up there when we cleaned today; I can't imagine that they've been there for the past month. Bad news: I can't find the yarn for the sweater. Do you ever feel like you're chasing your tail?

In other news, I took the plunge on Friday night and jerry-rigged a bobbin holder so I could ply. It was not ideal-- I strung the bobbins on a dowl that was held in place by the arms of my office chair-- but I did manage to ply a little. The result reminds me of some horrible Harry Potter goes to Harvard nightmare (though Christopher tells me that Harvard's color is just crimson, there's no yellow). But it's yarn, and it doesn't look too bad. I'm sure I can find some use for it at some point. (The color in the photo isn't great. Sorry about that!)

Tonight I finished a ganomy hat, pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman in the Knitter's Almanac. I bought this book last summer, inspired by Jared Flood's February Baby Sweater. I had never heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman (was I living under a rock??) but the BSJ is so incredible that I wanted to know where this came from. The book is so much more than patterns. I have been carrying it around in my purse, reading it when I can't get a seat on the subway, and it's fabulous. Entertaining, educational, inspirational. She makes knitting seem so accessible and flexible, easy to understand. Anyway, when I got the book I fell in love with this hat and when I bought the Miski baby llama yarn in Seattle, I had this hat in mind.
There actually isn't much yardage in the Miski, so I had to use part of the second ball for it. I also ran into some trouble with the decreases; I did stop increasing earlier than I was supposed to, but somehow the decreases decreased into each other at the very end and I wasn't able to decrease fast enough.

I'll try to get some photos of the finished hat on my head. I'm rather pleased with it and hope that it will be warmer than my other hats. I also rather like that it makes me look like an elf. Since I'm tall I tend to feel more lumbering and clumsy so elfish is good.


Friender said...

Yah, elfish is good. I'm 5'11". I know what of you speak. The hat looks great and the yarn will come along with practice! (but there, I don't know of what I speak because I'm a wuss who has never tried to spin yarn. ever.)

Terra said...

Ha! Perhaps I can clear up the mystery of the missing needles. Nola found them between your couch cushions. I considered announcing the find, in case you had been frantically looking for them, but then got distracted and put them next to the TV (where I had noted other knitting things) before she stabbed herself with them. She also found a three inch length of yarn between the cushions. I suggest you check that location occasionally--you never know what treasure you'll find.