Thursday, February 7


Somehow since coming back from Seattle we've become really busy. Maybe we were like that before, I dunno. It just seems like I'm always doing things and then I have to stop so I can go to bed.

Tuesday night Christopher and I anxiously watched the election returns. Since the TV is in my room-o-yarn, I took the opportunity to get Christopher to help me ply my spinning. I stuck my two bobbins on a dowel, ran the singles from the bobbins to the wheel, and had Christopher hold the dowel. It worked rather well, I must say. Perhaps Christopher has a future in dowel holding ahead of him.

The plying revealed something interesting about my spinning ability. First, you must imagine that I started spinning right before Christmas, filled 1/2 a bobbin and then moved on to my second bobbin. Simple enough, right? The thing is, the singles on the first bobbin are rather uneven and icky. As I went along, I got better at spinning, so the yarn on the second bobbin is much more even and well-spun. Plying it together put the better with the bad, so that the finished plied yarn is completely uneven when it gets to the very end. Likewise, my first try at plying is uneven, the middle is better, the end got sort of mucked up with the gross yarn.

(the stuff in the middle isn't so bad, right?)I'm not sure what to do-- perhaps I should cut out the horrible stuff and graft in some better yarn?? Christopher thought I should be true to my craft and just keep it in, as testament to what I completed. I'm not so sure.


Jane W said...

Congrats on your first plyed yarn! You don't have to knit it up, you can just keep it as a reminder of your first skein of yarn.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christopher and Jane, keep it to remember your first-ever yarn!