Friday, February 8

a dear friend

One of my oldest, dearest friends has just published her first book! Manya and I were in kindergarten together; we've been good friends since. We were both sort of awkward, odd, arty kids growing up, and she's the one I call now when I am feeling down about my career or need some design advice. We're both trying to make this job-in-the-arts thing work, and she's well on her way! This is a photo of us at her house, in about fourth grade. I am wearing a dress that had belonged to one of my parents' friends when she was a girl.

Yuki's Ride Home is an illustrated story about a girl who spends a day with her grandmother and then must make the journey home on her own. It is a wonderfully illustrated first glimpse at Japanese life, as well as being a really sweet story. (Plus, Manya is my friend and am super proud of her!)Anyway, Monica Wellington did an interview with Manya, which I thought was really interesting. I am posting a link here.

Did I mention that you should buy the book??

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Mary Jane said...

congratulations to Manya. And how cute are you? that dress is amazing!