Monday, February 11

my elfish hat

As promised, I have photos of my ganomy. I've now worn it twice, and I'm happy to report that is very, very warm, but somehow it's not too warm that I sweat to death if I go into a store without taking it off. That probably has the yarn to credit, the lusciously soft Mirasol Yarn Miski. (Love that baby llama!)I love this pattern, and I should probably warn all of you family members that you may someday receive a hat with this shape as a gift. It's perfect at covering your ears and back of your neck and it also is extremely cute.
Pattern: Ganomy, by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitter's Almanac
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Miski, purchased at So Much Yarn, Seattle, WA


Alyssa said...

super cute! I like the colors.

Kristina said...

Hey thanks for the super nice comment! I used ZEPHYR WOOL-SILK 50% fine grade merino wool 50% chinese tussah silk in Juniper. If you are looking to get some, I would recommend It has free shipping and its the lowest price that I have ever seen for this yarn. But check your local yarn store first : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I love the hat on you, and now I can make my own. I won't mind if there are more than one version in my wardrobe!