Friday, February 15

my yarn!

Well, here's a toast to my father. Just about two weeks ago I scanned and sent him plans for my missing spinning tools: a niddy-noddy, a bobbin holder and a special ruler to measure wraps per inch. He whipped them out and mailed them, but it took a week for the box to arrive. Here they are on unpacking. Dinah was really curious. I have been very busy with a set design, and haven't had time to use my new tools. Until tonight. I managed to finish plying my yarn, and then I couldn't contain myself and I pulled out the niddy-noddy.

It was a little tricky at first- the yarn kept slipping off- but once I got the hang of it the whole thing was rather simple, involving a twist of my wrist. I could see this wearing on my wrist after awhile; it's no wonder that everyone directs you to hold your right hand stable and then wind the yarn with your left hand. bah!
I quickly wound my yarn (120 times around, which means that I have roughly 180 yards), tied it in 4 places and then slid it off. It immediately twisted itself up, which (I think) means that I definitely need to wash it to help the fibers relax a bit.
(This photo is of the yarn after I twisted it into a skein.)
It's definitely a bit uneven, especially in the middle. (Plying two colors was really useful to a beginner like me, as I could see how well spun it was.)

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