Sunday, June 22


I haven't blogged all week, and I feel a little guilty about it. On the other hand, I didn't have much to write, so you might've gotten some silly post about all of my unfinished knitting projects or something.

The big news this week is that we went to an eye muscle specialist on Friday. By "we" I mean, Christopher was examined and I sat in the room knitting furiously as I hoped for the best and tried to remain calm. (Those who know me may think that I'm always calm, but that's just a facade. I'm very good at hiding my stress.)

First we saw a resident, who did a bunch of basic tests, more or less what the regular eye doctor did a few weeks ago. Christopher has been complaining about feeling something gritty in his eye when he looks down, almost since he got home from the hospital. This made sense at the time, as there was a stitch underneath his lower lid, and its ends would sometimes creep upward. I actually saw it a few times. The stitch has now dissolved, but he still feels something. After the resident did her tests, she pulled his lower lid down and gasped. Then she ran into the other room, where we could hear her talking to the doctor. (Doesn't that feel good?)

A few minutes later they both entered, and he took over the exam. It turns out that there's some scar tissue on the muscles under his eye, including a little bump. He said that this is very easy to fix, just a little snip and it'd be gone and Christopher would probably have a little more mobility in his eye.

He also recommended that he see an ocular plastic surgeon, who could do that snip and also give Christopher's now drooping lids a little tuck at the same time, so his face would be more symmetrical. So now we've got more stressful things to look forward to, and we don't know if our insurance will cover any of this. For now, we'll hope it will and at least get the surgeon's opinion.In more cheerful news, the weather has been perfect and I spent another afternoon outside knitting with my beloved knitting group. While I was there, Christopher sanded the woodwork in our hallway and started to paint it.
We have big plans this summer to get our apartment into shape. Other than the woodwork, we would like to: tile our back splash, refinish our floors and strip all of the interior doors. Our tax refund and stimulus check just cleared, so I think that's where that money is going to go.

(A total side note: Have any of you tried Benjamin Moore's Aura paint? It's low VOC, which means fewer fumes and it's more eco-friendly. It also gets amazing coverage, so you actually use much less of it. It does cost a little more, but I think it's worth it for less work, less paint and a lower chance of feeling dizzy while painting.)

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