Saturday, June 14

Knitting in Public

Today is World Wide Knitting in Public Day (aka WWKIP Day). Around the world, groups of people are getting together to knit in public places.

The group I knit with coordinated with some other local Brooklyn knitting circles and organized a get together on the steps of the Brooklyn Museum. We thought it'd be a great place to get noticed, to show people that knitters aren't all little old grandmothers. What we didn't anticipate was the heat, and the fact that we wouldn't actually get that much notice because, well, who wants to go outside in weather like this? Somehow we also didn't think much about the fact that our location didn't have much shade.Some of us huddled next to granite wall, where there was a little shade from the trees and the wall itself. Apparently the wall was also very cool. This woman on the left was very smart and brought a fan.

One highlight of the afternoon, aside from knitting with other knitterly people, was meeting MissMildred, who sometimes leaves comments on this blog. She lives around the corner from us, and also makes lovely knitted things. It was pretty cool meeting her in real life!As the afternoon wore on, the sun moved west and our shade went away. By then the whole group had moved along the wall. It wasn't the best way to get to know people, since my back was to half of them, but I enjoyed the little group near me. I was working on (a very sweaty) square for a Buncha Squares blanket, which I'm making for my sister-in-law's new baby. She is having a c-section on June 24, so time is a wasting. I think it's safe to post a photo of the blanket here, as (as far as I know) she doesn't read this blog. There are two white yarns on the border of each square, and I've run out of the off-white one. I went back to the store to buy another ball, but the color was a little pinker than what I had before. Someone on Ravelry agreed to sell me a ball in the right dye lot, so I'm waiting for that to come in so I can finish. In the meantime I'll make the center parts of the squares, and add the paler white to an edge or two.

Happy WWKIP Day!

ETA: if you are interested in hearing more about the WWKIP day at the Brooklyn Museum, here are some links (with photos of me, though it appears that I did very little knitting and lots more chatting)


Miss 376 said...

I think that was the good thing about yesterday, meeting the other knitters. You looked as if you all enjoyed yourselves despite the heat. I met up with a group that were meeting in a cafe which meant we avoided the showers.

Hope you get the blanket finished in time

meg said...

man, you are a trooper. i stopped by my local wwkip day meet up, but it was just too hot. even in the shade...

the blanket looks great! i can't wait to see the final piece. that's one of my favorite baby blanket patterns for sure.

p.s. an egg poacher might work for poffertjes (although it might be a little large). they sell the real deal, though, at williams-sonoma. it's listed as a pan to make some kind of danish doughnut, but you can use it for poffertjes too.

Alyssa said...

Looks like you had a fun WWKIP day! The heat was awful. Luckily we found a little shade in the central park and we took over that corner.

I like the squares, I can't wait to see it when its done.

Lauren said...

I had planned on meeting up with everyone there at BMA, but it was way too hot and sticky to think about sitting on those steps with wool in my lap... you all are troopers!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to participate in wwkip day but we are moving soon and had to go furniture shopping in Atlanta (4 hours away). I did knit in the car on the way there, though :-)
I feel your pain about the heat. temps here have been around 98 and 100 degrees.

Friender said...

You loook so pretty in your hat! And I love the baby blanket.