Monday, June 2

slightly speechless

My mother called early this morning and told me some sad news. One of their oldest friends, someone I've known my whole life, died very suddenly last night.

The whole event is very hard to wrap my head around. Anne (and her husband Joe) have always had a strong and intimate presence in the life my parents (and I) have in Philadelphia-- at Christmas dinners, our wedding, birthday parties (though not mine), dinners at various people's homes. She and her husband hosted a brunch the morning after our wedding and when I was in third grade I interviewed her about her memories of the Civil Rights Movement. And a few years ago she invited me down for brunch when her young Austrian cousin was visiting. It was a friendly and fun meal, and the only time I remember spending with her without my parents around. This is Anne with her husband Joe at our wedding.

Anne also had a very public life, which makes her passing somewhat more abstract than other deaths. She was the director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. All day I've been scanning the web for obituaries. There's not much yet. The NY Times has a blurb from the AP wire. The Philadelphia Inquirer has the most in depth article, and it's not very long. So far the best article is actually a puff piece from the NY Times written in 1996. It captures her beautifully.

I'm going to miss her.

Edited 6/4 to add one of the NY Times obituaries. And an older interview from Fresh Air.

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meg said...

I'm really sorry for your loss. She was a great lady, and as a Philadelphian and artist, I'm thankful for what she did for our museum.