Monday, July 28

unfinished projects

I'm sick of seeing the same 5 or 6 projects at the top of my Ravelry project page so I've been trying hard to finish them. It's odd how a site like that can inspire; if they weren't taunting me there I'd forget I had started them and I'd just start something else.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like these projects, once I rediscover them. Yesterday, as we ran out the door to Christopher's play, I grabbed my Mitts of the Dystopian Future. I started them back in April or early May when it was rainy and my hands were needing a little extra warmth. I used some left over Berroco Ultra Alpaca from Christopher's Christmas Stocking.

They knitted up huge. The first mitt I completed wouldn't stay on my hand so I reworked the pattern for a little negative ease, knitted a second (smaller) mitt, and then put it all aside when it got warm. Although I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I changed on my smaller mitt, they've proven to be a quick and rewarding project for the subway. Here is a photo of my original oversized mitt.

I've also been working away on my baby gifts. The blanket I started for my new nephew is done! (Well, it's not washed, but otherwise it's finished!)
The i-cord was not as bad as I had anticipated, and I'm just so happy with how it turned out. My one reservation is that the ends seem to be unraveling. I wonder if this is because I used synthetic fibers. At my knitting group last week Tony said that washing it should help keep the ends in place, even though the blanket is synthetic (Berroco Comfort). I hope he's right! It would be so embarrassing to have it suddenly sprout tails after I've given it away.

I have some other projects that are done, but as they are gifts for some people who read this blog, you'll have to wait until they have been gifted...


knithound brooklyn said...

The blanket is gorgeous! Baby is very lucky!

meg said...

Hmm... don't know about the unraveling ends, but the blanket is beautiful! I really have to make another one... following the directions this time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that blanket is lovely! I hope you solve the problem of the unraveling.

Mary Jane said...

luscious blanket, lucky baby, pesky ends!

DawnK said...

I have one mitt done, so far. It fits nicely. I couldn't knit it as long as the pattern called for, or my fingers would have been completely covered! LOL! 3-1/2 inches out of the 5 it calls for, worked perfectly. I also didn't add the 6 extra rows for the thumb.

The baby blanket is gorgeous. I love those blocks of color!