Monday, September 1

in the mix

So I actually went down and got some roti, and I took some photos. The crowd felt very warm and welcoming, and one woman offered to hold my place in the roti line so I could sample some pumpkin bread pudding.
This is the roti stand. Roti is sort of like a burrito but with curried stuff inside. I bought one chicken and one goat, and they were delicious though also rather spicy and full of bones.
These guys were also in line for roti. I couldn't get over their glittery heads. Isn't that awesome? (OK, I think it was probably better in person)
Doesn't this girl just look so proud of herself? I can see why!
This guy was just amazing. I think his costume is a praying mantis. It would sort of swivel this way and that above him.


Anonymous said...

Great photos - This is fantastic!! I want to be there next year for it!
Thanks for sending these pictures out. Now for the food... mmmm...


Mary Jane said...

Amazing! glitter heads good food. Holy Mackrel you don't see any of that in Maine! Lucky you. Beautiful pictures.