Monday, September 1

parade update

Well, I must say the earplugs really helped us get through last night. I mean, we were definitely aware when a steel drum band was passing by (I think the first one came at around 2:30am) but it didn't have us up and annoyed the way it did last year.

Of course, the parade itself it really invasive and loud. I've been trying to work on my model, and the bass from the speakers outside just makes it really hard to concentrate, even with earplugs. And it's not even worth trying to turn on the radio or listen to the iPod. It looks rather busy outside; we've reached the point where there are just trucks inching by, covered with speakers and blasting music.I think I might venture out and see if there's any tasty food to be had... Should I leave the earplugs in?

1 comment:

Alyssa said...

The parade looks like fun! I'm glad the earplugs helped a bit! The costumes are gorgeous!