Monday, September 29

a cat with taste

This is Dinah.If there's one thing you should know about Dinah, it's that she's obsessed with being brushed. Some cats like catnip; Dinah likes her brush. If you can imagine, she has the same out of control-drugged out response to the brush as other cats do to catnip.

This is a piece of artwork that Christopher's friend Derek made many years ago. You will notice that looks a little like a large dust brush, but with pencils instead of bristles.

Dinah has just discovered it on its shelf, and she now spends many hours pining for it from atop the sofa.
Let's hope she doesn't actually pull it down and impale herself on it.


meg said...

I laughed out loud. A good start to Monday.

knithound brooklyn said...

Dinah looks so very intelligent! I am sure she is, too!

t does wool said...

oh,lol..that is funny...she won't-she's to smart!

A Walsh said...

love love love the pencil-brush!!
I want one!

Mary Jane said...

Me too...laughed out loud! the bottom photograph captures her longing well!