Thursday, October 16

back again

I still haven't solved the camera charger problem; I know that I have/had two chargers, but since I've returned home I haven't found the second (unbroken) one. I will probably have to buy something later today at one of those huge electronics stores, since I need my camera for some research I'm doing and, well, I can't go to Rhinebeck without it.

In any case, I've downloaded my photos from the Cape. If you're at all near Wellfleet, MA before November 1, go check out the show. It was written by Conor MacPherson and is called Shining City. It's a haunting sort of play, the kind that makes you work a bit, though in a good way. And the actors are great and, well, you would also get to see my set. I was very pleased with the end result, though there were some definite labor pains mid-week.

Christopher came up on Friday night for the opening, and we spent the weekend bumming around, eating seafood, and hanging out with the actors after their performances. On Sunday we drove to Provincetown and climbed some dunes.
They were beautiful and encompassing, though we didn't make it all the way to the beach. Now we're back, and I'm neck-deep in my next show, which opens in two weeks, though the set goes in on Monday. The "set" is something that I will have to assemble, which means that between now and Monday I have to get my ass in gear, esp if I am going to Rhinebeck on Saturday... Let's hope my camera resurrects itself.


meg said...

The set looks amazing! So does your dinner.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the set looks really great. I would love to see it in person.