Friday, October 10

recharging batteries

I was very excited to share some photos of my show, and there are many on my camera, but there seems to be a hitch with my battery charger. One of the little metal things that should be touching the battery has fallen inside the charger, and so my camera is slowly dying, blinking a little red battery symbol at me and there's nothing I can do. Since I want to take some more pictures before I leave the Cape, I have decided to not upload the photos till I get back to New York. You'll just have to wait.

In any case, the show opens tonight and I'm very pleased with how the design came together. Christopher is on his way up; we'll spend the weekend up here together before I head home. It'll be nice to relax after this crazy week, and I'll be leaping into another show as soon as I get back, so - sigh - let's hope I can actually let myself relax.

Oh, and next week is Rhinebeck! Anyone going? I think my mom and I are going to drive up on Saturday morning. I know I will have to limit my purchases, but I am also starting a little list of what to get. So far: soft lace weight to make myself a lacy scarf. woo hoo!


Lauren said...

hope your weekend was relaxing.

I'm going to Rhinebeck on the Park Slope Knitting Group bus. I've never been before and I'm really excited! Have you been before?

Anonymous said...

I, too, hope you had a relaxing weekend. Rhinebeck sounds so exciting, I wish I could go. Have fun and take pictures! (if your camera cooperates, that is)