Sunday, November 16


It's done. Christopher's sweater, I mean.
This is more than a feat than you might think. I started this sweater back in May of last year (yes, '07) and actually finished knitting it by the end of last summer. When I'd pieced it together and had Christopher try it on, it was clear that the sweater was a disaster. It was enormous, and the sleeves didn't fit into the armholes.
My solution? I tore out the collar and cut a chunk out of the back. And then I redesigned and reknit the sleeves. It was painful. The first sleeve cap didn't fit into the armhole and so I had to redesign and reknit the sleeve cap again. Which I did, but then I lost my mojo and couldn't bring myself to tear out the first sleeve cap. And then I forgot what I'd done to make it fit.

This fall, with a little encouragement from my mother, and continued questioning from Christopher, I reknit the second sleeve cap and sewed it on. Done. Today for the first time it was cool enough for Christopher to wear it, and I took some photos while we were at the Botanical Garden. It still isn't a great fit, but it's better than it was. And I am actually prouder of it than of most of the other things I've made. There's a lot of love in that garment.

Pattern: Jarrett by Kim Hargreaves, from Rowan Vintage Knits
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca, knit on #7 needles


knithound brooklyn said...

It's beautiful. And I think he will wear it for years to come.

meg said...

I think it's great! I'm actually planning on knitting that pattern for AJD's Christmas present, in green yarn to boot. Were the pattern problems because of gauge? Or should I re-consider knitting the pattern?

Anonymous said...

Christopher had better appreciate that sweater! I don't know if I have the fortitude to stick with a project like that.
I think it's awesome, congrats on your victory!

Mary Jane said...

It is beautiful, so is your stick-to-it-ness! I would have abandoned it long ago. I really like the seam up the back. I think it lends a distinctive design element, being invisible in the ribbing. I'm in the middle or rather the beginning, of my own knitting challenge...will be under knitting water for 36 hours I estimate...better get started...the days a wasting!

A Walsh said...

nice work! love the 1X1 collar and the seed shoulders. Rowan Vintage Knits is one of my faves!

Alpaca too? must be soooo warm!