Saturday, December 13

Chinese water torture

Our windows leak, but we mostly see evidence of it only when there is a real soaking rain. The rains on Wednesday and Thursday were hard enough to seep through and stain the shade in our bedroom, and it dripped enough that we put out bowls to catch the water on Thursday night. The dripping sounds weren't so bad, or maybe I was just really tired. I remember sleeping terribly the first time this happened. Maybe it's just peace of mind; on Monday our Board approved repairs to our lintels. This may be the last rain storm that we experience in our bedroom.

I have been really non-committal about knitting Christmas presents this year, but my sister-in-law sent an email yesterday with their Christmas wishes, and on the list was a bib for her almost 6 month old baby, Alden. I set to work immediately, grabbing some yarn I've had forever. I'm not really sure what it is or where it came from; perhaps it's Debbie Bliss Cotton DK? In any case, it worked perfectly. The bib pattern was so quick and fun; I clearly need to make bibs for all the babies I know.

Pattern: Modern Cable Baby Bib by Gibsongirl
Yarn: I think it's Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in stone
Needles: #8


OonieBird said...

Eliza that is BEAUTIFUL. I'm tempted to cram Nicky back in his highchair and asking for one. It would also make a really lovely hand bag....

meg said...

Beautiful bib! And not so beautiful yellow water.... Good luck with the repairs!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can knit a bib for your windows!

: = )


knithound brooklyn said...

Oh, Boy. Looks like replacement windows are next. Save your sheckels, it's expensive.

Terra said...

OonieBird, that is *exactly* what I was going to say! You should make two (mirroring each other) and sew them together. The most beautiful purse!