Wednesday, December 10

a new toy

I have been thinking about alternate ways to make a living. Not that I want to quit designing, but I'd love to quit my day job. I'm not yet ready to announce my new money making scheme (and everyone seems to have one these days), but it involves photography. And that means that I need a better camera. An SLR.

I've always had cameras, and I used a 35mm SLR (my trusty, vintage, no batteries required Nikon F) from high school until I made the break into digital in about 1999. And that also meant moving to a point and shoot camera, which was alright. If you haven't noticed, many point and shoot digital cameras offer many manual settings. In 2003 I upgraded to a Canon Powershot S50 (another point and shoot), and that's what I've used until now.

Last night, I opened the box to my new Canon Rebel Xsi. It's beautiful: light, quick, a huge screen on the back. Even more interesting is that it makes really dull shots look good. Hopefully this won't make me into a lazy photographer.

I started reading the manual last night, and there's a lot to learn about those buttons on the back. What does the one with an asterisk do?

It's all good. A Christmas present for myself.


knithound brooklyn said...

Good Luck with the new venture!

Anonymous said...

keep me posted on how you like it, I've been looking at those too and I too have a powershot!!

A Walsh

t does wool said...'s on my Christmas list,tell me...did you get any other lenses??

Friender said...

Awesome. I got an XS in the fall. They are *so* nice. Apparently my parents are getting a 28-105mm lens for it for Christmas, too. Enjoy!

The Yarn Monkey said...

You have a very sharp eye, I think you'll do well with photography.