Wednesday, May 20

hand me downs

When we were in Philadelphia for Mother's Day, my mother pulled out a bag for me to go through. More clothes from her recently deceased friend (this is the third group of clothes I've been offered from her). For the most part this is a fun discovery, especially as this friend had great style, traveled a lot, never threw anything away, and wore the same size as me in the 1970s and early 80s.

Check out this vintage Marimekko dress.My mom has already cut and started to hem it to knee length; I have to finish the rest of it myself. I can't believe how well it fits me, and I just have to find the right occasion to wear it. An art opening would be appropriate, don't you think? Not that I go to many of those... or it would be perfect if I were to give some sort of presentation. (If only most of my work didn't involve me working alone in my studio or in a dark theater where no one sees me!)

Here is the other dress.Yes, you might notice that it resembles (er...perhaps it is) a traditional Bavarian outfit, though it's missing the apron piece. It also fits me well, and minus the blouse (which in true costume fashion only goes to my midriff and would be good for nothing besides this dress) the bodice of the dress is too loose to wear sleeveless. My mom and I considered altering it so it's more fitted, but it's got a ton of lining and shaping that makes it difficult. Which is too bad. It will have to be a fall or winter dress, paired with a sweater underneath or something.

What I love about hand-me-downs, and as the youngest grandchild on both sides of my family, I've been getting them forever, is that you never know what you are going to get. It's like Christmas, without the stress of having to like or keep something. And in this case, it's a challenge for me to wear something different. Which is a good thing, I think.


knithound brooklyn said...

You could wear the Marimekko dress to the photo show opening at Brooklyn Public Library on June 17th!
"The Gowanus: Brooklyn in Transition" by Jose Gaytan...

It would be perfect for that occasion!

MY way of saying I hope you can make it...he.

Hilary said...

How fun...and what cool dresses! The Merimekko one will be so neat knee length. I don't think you have to wait until the perfect occasion to wear it -- who says you can't look fabulous going to get groceries and such??

meg said...

I love both dresses! The Bavarian dress would look great with a turtleneck and opaque tights.... but I wear everything with a turtleneck and opaque tights!

ADW said...

so great! love both dresses!! the top one will be perfect @knee length, you'll have to do a before and after picture!