Tuesday, October 20

first hat

I have recently received quite a lot of baby clothes, hand me downs from my sister-in-law and an old friend who both have very little boys. It's been fun to sort through the itty little shirts and socks and imagine Smudge wearing them. What an abstract concept!! It's so hard to imagine that I will actually have a baby that fits into a little sleeper. whew!

I've been trying to find gaps in what I've received, and so far I haven't been methodical enough to figure out what we do have and what we need, but I have decided that we need a newborn winter hat. Even if Smudge wears it for only a day, he will wear it. I'm thinking it might work well for his trip home, and is shocked by his first cold winter temperatures on the way to the car.After much agony over which pattern to choose, Christopher took things in hand and decided that Smudge needs the whole collection of Wee Woolly Toppers from Woolly Wormhead. I hadn't really imagined spending money for the patterns when there are so many great free patterns, but I think he was right. They are all adorable hats, and I can make them in different sizes, and they also would make great gifts. I also like some of the hats are knit in aran weight yarn, while others are in DK. Lots of variety. Anyway.

I made the Buzzbee with some leftover Berocco Comfort from the blanket I made for my nephew last summer. I love this yarn. Love love love it (even though it's synthetic) It washes so well, and it comes in fabulous colors. I have a lot of it, so Smudge will be getting quite a few garments in Comfort. Pattern: Buzzbee, by Woolly Wormhead
Yarn: Berocco Comfort
Needles: #7
Started: October 17
Finished October 18


knithound brooklyn said...

That's a cute hat, Eliza. I love the color combo you chose!

kat said...

ah, so cute.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cute. The fabric it's resting on is interesting too.

Terra said...


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Hilary said...

Aw, what an adorable hat! And thanks for the Comfort recommendation. I have more friends having babies soon so am on the lookout for good, washable yarns.

t does wool said...

oh,Eliza...I love this hat!

Jessi said...

I agree that comfort is a great baby yarn. I actually made Edda Rose's coming home outfit with comfort. For an acrylic yarn it certainly is nice! It can split like crazy, though :-/