Saturday, November 7

a house divided

Do any of you follow baseball?

Well, the World Series is finally over. I say "finally" because it has been a rough week in the Brown Wall household.

You may remember last year:That's me and my dad at Game 5 of the World Series. Notice how we are rooting for the Phillies?

Here is Christopher. Notice how he's wearing a Yankees hat?

For those of you who don't follow these important events, this fall the Yankees played the Phillies in the World Series.

After 6 games, guess who won? Christopher and I have a very supportive relationship, and all summer we have been rooting for each other's teams. But we both draw the line when it comes to rooting against our own team, which made for some very tense World Series watching in our household. Cheering was banned. Being excited seemed mean, as was making comments about a play. One person's victory meant the other person's defeat. Watching the game in more or less alone and silence was not much fun, and so we were both relieved when the Series was over, even though it meant that my team had lost. At least they put up a good fight.

Yesterday I accompanied Christopher to the Yankees ticker tape parade on Lower Broadway. It started at 11, and we got there around 10:45. Not the best timing, and we ended up with this view: That's a big clump of ticker tape (aka shredded recycling) falling from the sky above that girl's shoulder.

It was disappointing, and later Christopher reminded me that it was a "lifelong dream" of his to watch the Yankees celebrate a World Series victory with a ticker tape parade at the Canyon of Heroes. He even had written this into an essay of his, and now he was sad to have not seen a single Yankee at the parade. Oops. Sorry. At least his team won...


t does wool said...

well...someone had to win... ;))

Hilary said...

Oh my. If my husband were a big fan of a different team than mine and they played each other in the World Series, there would be trouble. :) I'm sorry to hear about your crummy view of the ticker tape parade. Just remind Christopher that the Yankees win, like, every single freaking year (not that I'm bitter, as a fan of a team that hasn't won since 1954, and never since they moved to San Francisco) so he'll have plenty of opportunity to make up for it!

Jessi said...

I had never heard of a ticker tape parade before I read this post. Thanks for educating me! (obviously I don't follow baseball... hehe)