Saturday, November 21

two more hats!

It looks like Smudge will at least have a warm head next winter! I've made two more hats, both in the 6-9 month size. Hats seem to be a perfect project because they are good for using up odd ends of yarn, which I've sworn to do this year. On the other hand, this pledge prevents me from making anything very large (like a sweater or little pants). I think I might also want to get some superwash wool if I were to make pants.

Somehow I've got to find a balance...

First up, another of Woolly Wormhead's Wee Woolly Toppers, this time Tubey.
I used up the rest of my purple Berroco Comfort, which is a bonus. Unfortunately, I also ran out of it. I think it's supposed to be another inch or two high, but it looks to me like it will fit. Anyway, great (and super simple) pattern. Quick too.

Next hat: Erika Knight's Pixie Hat, from her book Knitting for Two. I made one of these last winter for another baby, and thought it was adorable. This one is less amazing, I think because of my yarn choices.
Again, I was using up ends of yarns, this time some light blue Baby Cashmerino and a tiny ball of leftover Luxe Silk from Woodstock Wool Company (great store, if you ever go to Woodstock, NY). This hat was meant to be a gift, but once I realized it would require a bit of care I decided that the recipient wouldn't want it.

I also think it's dull. Maybe some stitching would help? Or a pom pom? I'm a bit flummoxed.

Next up? I don't know. I feel like I have a bunch of projects that need just minor finishing (and that I should do). I also think that maybe Smudge should have a good wool sweater for next winter. Or at least some baby mittens. Or booties. Or something to set him apart from the non-wool clad babies.


mary jane said...

Hey as long as you're on a hat spree, I'm going to send you a sneak preview pdf of my new/old old old hat I finally wrote a pattern for!
I wonder if with worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles you could have a baby one...must see~ I think a pom pom maybe nice, I rather like the subtle colors, especially on the warm woolly background.

Anonymous said...

I like those subtle colors too. I am thinking that a little bit of stitching in a darker brown would 'wake it up' nicely - and if your boy has a brown jacket or sweater to wear with it, he will look right handsome. By the way, when mary Jane sends the new/old old pattern, I hope you'll share it!

Jessi said...

A pom pom almost always helps, at least with baby hats. :-) They both look cute!
I recommend Christine's baby booties, if you decide on booties. I made some for Edda out of leftover wool sock yarn and they were absolutely fantastic. They were warm and stayed on. (They also got a a lot of compliments from the non knitters!)

Hilary said...

Aww, little hats are the CUTEST! I actually love the pixie hat as is and don't think it's dull at all. The slightly contrasting silk adds a little sumthin', and the shape is just adorable. However, a pom-pom is always fun.