Sunday, November 29


We got back yesterday from a few low key days in Philadelphia, where we visited our families and celebrated the holiday.

Thanksgiving itself was at my parents', and we had a mellow dinner with them and 3 house guest-friends. I keep wondering why it was more relaxed than usual. Maybe I was too exhausted to care about entertaining, or cooking? or maybe spending a holiday with people who carry no baggage is easier? I don't know. In any case, it was very pleasant and easy. More like a house party than a holiday.


In knitting news, I have two things to share! (can you believe it??)

One: a scarf that I started for my father last spring. This was originally intended for Father's Day, but I shifted gears (and went on a knitting break during my first trimester) so my dad got the scarf for his birthday instead.The pattern is the Braided Cable Scarf, by Miriam L. Felton. It's very simple and easy to remember once you do a few repeats. Yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in Sable, 2 skeins.

Two: Coraline!! Done. Not the greatest photos, but I'm super happy with it. In order to make it work for my pregnant belly, I made the body a size larger than I normally would, but left the sleeves alone. Somehow it all worked out stitch count-wise, don't ask me how. I also added a button band, since I know that I'll want to button this up.
My mother picked up the buttons at a great button store in Philadelphia and I sewed 3 of them on while I was there. Somehow Mom managed to understand the exact color without having a yarn swatch to match. I guess that's the benefit of having a mother who is also an artist.

me: it's the color of a very dark red delicious apple.
her: like shade XXX in the Benjamin Moore book?
(We both own Benjamin Moore paint swatch books, so maybe we cheated a little. But she was right on with the shade.)I've only sewn on 3 buttons on so far, and I'm in no rush to sew on the other ones. True to my midwife's predictions (and she and I actually discussed this in reference to my Coraline, which I was knitting while waiting for my glucose test a few weeks back) my body temperature is going up and I have no wish to button the sweater over my belly. I guess this is the benefit of being in one's third trimester during the cold months!

oh yes! Details: pattern: Coraline, by Ysolda Teague. yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, in redwood mix.


Anonymous said...

That dad of yours is really a lucky guy, not only to have you as a daughter but to get such a marvelous scarf! Lets hope he can hold on to this one!

Jessi said...

Wow, that is a great sweater! It looks very good on you, too. You seem to have the "glowing" thing going on that never seemed to happen with me! hahaha...

Hilary said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Your dad looks very pleased with his new scarf (it's fantastic! I love all the cabley textures) and your Coraline is stunning. What a perfect fit! And the color...gorgeous. I'm extremely impressed by your mom's ability to pick out those buttons!!

mary jane said...

I love the color of your coraline, you look lovely with your pregnant belly, quite a glow you've got going~

t does wool said...

you are so adorable the knits...and I am glad your holiday was wonderful!