Friday, July 16

5 months

I've now been a mother for a little over five months.

5 months
It went so quickly. They aren't lying when they say that children grow up so fast. At Eamon's 4 month appointment in June, he had doubled his birth weight and grown 6 inches. Imagine growing 6 inches in 4 months! That's just insane!

Every week, every day is different. Suddenly he'll add a new habit (like nosediving into my chest when he's hungry) and he acts like he has been doing it forever. This week Eamon is working very hard to learn to sit up, and he seems to be in the midst of cutting his first tooth. He is also obsessed with standing up, with support, of course.

Unfortunately, my attention span has been a casualty of parenthood (though hopefully a temporary one). This means that I am no longer able to mull over what sort of blog post I want to write in advance. (I do mull, I just forget my idea within about 30 seconds of thinking of it.) Also, about 90% of what I think about is related to Eamon, and I feel like I don't want this blog to turn into a "look how cute my baby is" blog. (Though I do think some readers might not mind that. Hi mom.)

So... I guess I'll just keep going. This blog has never been about much in particular anyway. And maybe I'll just try blogging a little more often, it just might have a little less substance.


Jessi said...

He really is cute! I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of Eamon in your future blogs... Maybe that's because I'm a mom, too. Hm. I've definitely experienced that feeling that you're describing. Sweet, little babies tend to dominate one's life when they come along.

Hilary said...

I wouldn't mind if this turned into a baby blog!! Eamon is SO CUTE, and you have a right to show him off. :)

boodely said...

So 6 inches in 4 months is like an inch every 20 days! Which is about an eighth of an inch every 2-3 days. Nuts!!!

Thanks for sharing the cuteness :)

t does wool said...

he is the sweet thing, healthy and 5 mo's already!!!