Friday, August 13


My, how time flies!!

Eamon is 6 months old today. SIX MONTHS. He has now been here with us for half a year. It seems both an eternity and a flash. It's hard to imagine a life without him.

Food: we eat it every day. But Eamon had only ever had milk (and aside from two occasions, he'd only ever had breast milk). A baby's digestive system can only handle so much at the beginning (plus there are all those theories about avoiding food allergies).

I have been thinking hard about starting him on solids for a while now, but since we were on vacation until yesterday I put all food plans on hold. Today being our first full day back (as well as Eamon's 6 month birthday) we decided to seize the day and give him a special birthday treat. (that would be food)

After consulting many sources and deciding that there are many right ways to do this, I decided to start Eamon with a little rice cereal. It's simple, and you mix it with breast milk (or formula) so it tastes familiar. Rice cereal seemed safe. Besides, it's all about teaching them how to eat at this point.
Eamon eats
In case you can't tell, Eamon likes rice cereal.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand why he has to eat from a spoon when nursing is more efficient. (we had to take a break from feeding him so he could nurse.) Also, he doesn't like the high chair.

Hopefully he'll get used to all of that...

Edited Saturday, August 14 to fix the photo link.


Hilary said...

Aaaah, so cute!! I love this series of photos...cry - cry - ooh, what's that?? - hey, that's pretty good! - mmm! - no, don't take it away!! Wonderful.

Jessi said...

Haha! I love the photos; he is such a cutie! And so expressive, too... It really reminds me of Edda's first solid food experience. She also preferred the efficiency of nursing...