Tuesday, March 15

an heirloom

Every month or two, my mother appears with some age appropriate object for Eamon. The object generally comes from a trunk, and it sometimes looks familiar to me. Some of the objects have a story, though vague.

vintage baby knits
A sweater knit by my grandmother - or was it my great-grandmother? - for my mother's younger sister.

vintage baby knits
Booties knit by my grandmother - for whom?? - using yarn mixed with raw wool from her sheep.

Though I am a believer in using hand me downs, and heirlooms in general, there is something anxiety producing about putting a newborn in a tiny sweater that is over 60 years old. Yeah, Eamon never wore it. And I think he might have worn those wacky, sheepy booties maybe once.

When my parents came up for Eamon's birthday, they brought another heirloom, though one slightly newer. Here it is when it was brand new, 35 years ago.
me on my rocking horse
Yeah, that is me.

A few other kids have used this rocking horse since my father made it for me all those years ago. When I had it, it was painted a solid orange color. Since then it has been repainted and had a real horsehair tail attached.

Eamon loves it. He can't get on it by himself yet, but he stands next to it and grunts excitedly until we put him on. And then he rocks, so proud of himself. And tonight, when we were reading a book that had a picture of a horse, he turned and pointed at the rocking horse. (he is a genius! Let me tell you!)

Eamon on my old rocking horse
Please excuse the mess!

This an heirloom I am not afraid of breaking; this is an heirloom for using.


Hilary said...

What a beautiful heirloom to pass down to your son! And how cool that he loves it so much (I mean, that smile says it all).

I probably would have been too scared to put him in the decades-old cardigan, too. It's really beautiful, though...and look at that fine gauge! Wow.

nicole said...

What wonderful family heirlooms. I totally love that rocking horse!

Terra said...

I'm distracted by Eamon's pants, which look great!